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Clever Directory lists major producers books services and products in Caribbean. It is's goal to provide you a complete list of books companies and organizations. Please use this list of manufacturers to contact the one that interests you.

  • Bride and Groom Communication   more info
    Assisting engaged couples with marriage preparation.  
  • Presentation Folder Design   more info
    Nothing adds a bit of professionalism to a presentation than a quality presentation folder. Choose from a variety of quality, affordable designs that you can customize for your business to add personality and style to your next presentation.  
  • The New Income Tax Scandal   more info
    How Congress has used income tax to cheat employees out of millions.  
  • Two Things Stories   more info  
  • The Million-Dollar Medallion   more info
    A corpse is found in a golf course bathroom, and the jogging deputy sheriff of Anishanabe County is called upon to discover the identity of the dead man and the reason for his murder, in this fifth installment of the mystery series.  
  • Strike at the Heart(The First Mission)   more info
    Sent to fight biological terror in East Africa, a U.S. Army unit is zapped into the past and struggles back.  
  • This Is Yakutat   more info
    A short story collection about a small village in Southeast Alaska.  
  • Hours of Pure Gold   more info
    HOPG is dedicated to helping people find and live their purpose.  
  • Free Love Confidential: After the Commune   more info
    Gypsy meets the other wives of her commune-leader husband and finds that free love has a price.  
  • BROWNWATER III   more info
    A comical adventure about a young Vietnam sailor trying to leave Vietnam on medical leave. Third book in a series.  
  • Abraham A. Davidson Photographs 1964-2004   more info
    Expressive photographs in black and white taken in a variety of places -- New York, Jerusalem, Vienna, Paris, Ireland and more.  
  • God Has Been Whispering In My Ear   more info
    This book is about the spiritual healing of the wounded innerchild and spiritual transformation through dream work. It demonstrates that God is a present reality which can be encountered experientially.....  
  • The Mischievous Cats   more info
    Zeke and Rambo are adventurous cats who fall into goofy situations and learn that home is where the heart is.  
  • The Pollinator: In His Own Words   more info
    Descendants discover a journal which chronicles the author’s development of supernatural powers engendered by the mystic art of surfing.  
  • The Limited God of Unlimited Love   more info
    The greatness of God is not in the power of his everlasting might, but in the glory of his emotions.  
  • Such is the Verdict   more info
    The novel, set in the Hudson Valley in the nineteenth century, explores issues about originality in art, particularly landscape painting.  
  • X-Ray Exposures Of A Different Kind   more info
    The first and only book of its kind to open the world of radiologic technology so that the public we serve can know and understand us as caring health professionals.  
  • The Honeymoon Car   more info
    Don’t miss this beautiful love story that has a heartwarming yet powerful message of how love can heal.  
  • Behind The Red Apple - Part 1   more info
    Behind the Red Apple reflects alternatives for our young which allows them to view society from a different perspective.  
  • When the Lilacs Bloom   more info
    Here is a well-written novel that brilliantly depicts the drama of a family strengthened by the hardships of war.  
  • Harbor of Bitter Tears: Charleston, S. C. 1861   more info
    A wealthy southern family becomes involved in a foreign conspiracy designed to push the United States of America into war.  
  • The Magnasphere   more info
    A knowing beyond possibly any limits of what mankind should know. The definition of good and evil. a  
  • Welfare to Millionaire-Heart of a Winner   more info
    Immigrant woman overcomes obstacles to achieve American Dream.  
  • Children of the Fire   more info
    "Children of the Fire" is an entertaining, supenseful, thought provoking psychological thriller, w  
  • Bridge of Time, Beyond the Present   more info
    A seemingly simple search for the authorship of a sculpture of a man and his dog became a grand adventure into time beyond the era of recorded history.  
  • Compassion in the Heart of the World   more info
    What happens to you when the victim of atrocity and treachery becomes your personal friend? Her love changes you.  
  • Letting Go With Love   more info
    Help for someone ever involved with an alcoholic/addict.  
  • The Return of the Son of Man   more info
    The Biblical promise and arrival of the Second Coming of the “Son of Man” (Jesus Christ).  
  • Living Medicine: Memoir Snapshots   more info
    Young Chinese girl emigrates alone, arrives in America, uses scholarships to become successful physician, and makes healthy, rewarding retirement.  
  • Behind The Red Apple   more info
    Behind the Red Apple reflects alternatives for our young which allows them to view society from a different perspective.  
  • Limber Rick on a G-Rated Kick:   more info
    Enjoy a treasure chest of amusing and lively limericks. Rhyme and riotous laughter are found in this new book.  
  • Six Days Till Sunday   more info
    Tackle the greatest mysteries behind man’s existence and learn the truth by reading the compelling book Six Days Till Sunday.  
  • Think Outside The Box   more info
    A look at life that suggests if you know where and when to look the possibilities are limitless.  
  • Cloud Castle Imagery Vol. 1   more info
    New poetry book captures the truth and passion found in Eastern Coast life during the Great Depression.  
  • Cloud Castle Imagery Vol. 3   more info
    The Pacific theater of WWII, the Vietnam War, and the hippie era brilliantly reminisced in new poetry book.  
  • Jane Hagedorn   more info
    Novel portrays the lives of the brave women at home who supported husbands and loved ones fighting overseas in WWII.  
  • Rising Stars   more info
    An easy read maual for the mother who wants to get their child into modeling / acting.  
  • Jaguar   more info
    Mark buys a horse without his parents consent. After participating in several barrel races, Mark discovers Jaguar is blind.  
  • The Sun Kept Rising: Adventures of an Immigrant   more info
    Boy grows up in Nazi Germany, becomes teenage soldier, survives the Russian front. Kind strangers help. Now physician in USA.  
  • Peter Woods Abroad   more info
    The adventure of an ambitious young Englishman in post-World War II Europe and his tragically-ending love affair.  
  • Priest or Pagan   more info
    A young pastor wants to make changes in his parish. He is unconventional; finds forbidden passion on a pagan source of wealth.  
  • Monsoguthra   more info
    This book is about a man named Monsoguthra who keeps the family tradition of being wise and loving at a continuum.  
  • Ten Percent Marriage   more info
    Emily is a new woman. Harvey is a traditional man. They find that a ten percent marriage is the right compromise for them.  
  • The Tarot of the Revelation   more info
    Showing not only the origin of Tarot in the Bible, but also how Tarot can be used as a spiritual tool.  
  • The Global Wolf Pack   more info
    Intense action and gripping suspense characterize the seemingly real story about tax evation, money-laundering, intrigue and murder in corporate world.  
  • Petty Destiny   more info
    A brilliant and beautiful woman who lives a full life using her assets to thwart efforts of a government to destroy somebody.  
  • From Immigrant To US Marine   more info
    Great story of gallantry, love of country and fight for freedom against communism and tyranny. Sound themes about freedom and justice. Dedicated to victims of communism.  
  • Journey to Bedlam   more info
    A personal account detailing the horrendous impact treatment resistant depression has on victims like myself who suffer largely in silence.  
  • Letters Home   more info
    A novel of September 11,2001 told in a series of letters from beyond written by fictional victims.  
  • The Teflon Scientist   more info
    Robert Oppenheimer duped American scientist into aiding and abetting his politically motivated effort to sabotage our postwar nuclear programs.  
  • Jesus A Revelation of God   more info
    A comparative study of the words of Jesus in The Bible and The Urantia Book.  
  • The Code   more info
    Action adventure about Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, encrypted messages from the Old Testament, a doomsday nuclear bomb and a gay hero.  
  • American Angel   more info
    Private daydreams lead to incredible adventures through chance meeting with angelic forces.  
  • 123Print: Business Cards and Custom Printing   more info
    Online provider of quality, affordable personalized products for business including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, greeting cards, memo pads and more. Full-color printing and fast service backed by a satisfaction guarantee.  
  • Three Shades of Survival   more info
    Surviving difficulties of an elder, teenager & Muslim.  
  • Triple Exposure   more info
    Fast moving action of unarmed, peaceful Roger & Erica Pym facing killers in a frantic struggle to su  
  • Self Help Stories   more info
    A powerful little book with short stories that illustrate lessons learned. Amusing stories that may possibly change your life.  
  • THE TRUTH FROM GOD   more info
    Visions that were seen by a Common housewife that happened thousands of years ago, and were documented and published.  
  • As I See It (Highlights from Around the World)   more info
    Chosen from hundreds of images, the photographs in “As I See It” are a celebration of life, curiosity and travel.  
    The yearings of early Virginia colonists for an educated and cultured civilization that drove forces at work for a college.  
  • A Promise Fulfilled   more info
    A Promise Fulfilled is a memoir by Gisela Wehrhan Christian, who was a prisoner of war in a British internment camp during WWII.  
  • You Can Go Home Again   more info
    A recovery memoir about a prodigal being brought home to peace.  
  • My Highway of Life Had Many Detours   more info
    My life defined by stories covering many routes and locations, mainly in the USA and Africa, and the lessons learned.  
  • Cloud Castle Imagery Vol. 5   more info
    Explore the mysteries of life depicted as stretching sand dunes in this book of provocative Western poetry.  
  • The DNA Conspiracy   more info
    The war on terror, genetic engineering and globalization converge. Does the end justify the means? At what price?  
  • His Name Was Andrew   more info
    Hurricane Andrew Struck Miami in 1992 and brought people together on a restoration project, testing the wills of the stakeholders.  
  • Zhongyong Products of Paper Printing Co., Ltd.   more info
    Hi-quality packaging cartons, paper bags, paper shelf-displays, gift boxes, notebooks, cards, calendars, books, brochures, ... Manufacturer of hi-quality packaging cartons, paper bags, paper shelf-displays, gift boxes, notebooks, cards ...  

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